When you’re cold or chilly, the first thing you’ll want to throw on is a tall sweatshirt or sweater. These cozy garments are a tried-and-true wardrobe staple and have become even more popular over the last year.Gone are the days when sweatshirts were all baggy and shapeless – some of our favorite new styles are dressy and fabulous, light-years away from the untidy, threadbare options we saw our parents wearing when we were kids.

Even sweatshirts, traditionally worn as lounge or workout gear, have gotten an upgrade. Now, it’s possible to style a sweatshirt in a way that’s worthy of fashion week, creating striking outfits that walk the line between stylish and comfortable. However, in order to create interesting outfits, you need to find options that fit your frame. When you’re tall, this can be a challenge.Finding Tall Sweatshirts That Fit
When you’re looking for tall men’s or tall women’s sweatshirts, you need to ensure the brand you’re purchasing has the right measurements that will fit a taller frame. This doesn’t just mean elongating the sleeve lengths. Often, taller folks have longer torsos, leaving them with an awkward gap between the hem of their sweatshirt and the waistband of their pants if they opt for a traditional size.

The best tall sweatshirts are made with extended lengths through the torso, as well as a longer arm length. Even if the sweater is baggy and oversized, it should still fit well at the top of the body to balance out the length below.

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